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How to install booster pump in intelligent toilet

2021/06/17 10:12:01

How to install booster pump in intelligent toilet

The existence of intelligent toilet will bring a lot of convenience to people's life, and it will also have more impact on people's life. Of course, there will be many problems in the process of using intelligent toilet. The installation of booster pump actually has a great effect on the use of intelligent toilet, So in a lot of time, it is necessary to know how to install the booster pump in the intelligent toilet and the matters needing attention in the installation of the booster pump. Let's get to know it together.

How to install booster pump in intelligent toilet

1. Before installation, we need to make a detailed inspection on each part of the pump, check whether the parts are closely connected, whether there is looseness, and whether there is foreign matter blockage in the flow channel of the pump body, so as to avoid the situation that it cannot be cleaned during the later installation. During the installation, we need to ensure that it is installed in a vertical or horizontal way, the direction of water flow needs to be consistent with the direction of the arrow on the pump body, and the booster pump should be installed as close to the water level as possible.

2. If conditions permit, it is recommended that you should add one more valve at home, so as to facilitate future maintenance. In addition, we also need to install a pressure gauge outside the pump outlet, which can facilitate us to check and increase the pump's use within the rated head and flow range, and also effectively prolong the service life of the booster pump.

Precautions for booster pump installation

1. During installation, we need to follow the correct installation sequence and relevant installation standards. It must be installed horizontally or vertically according to the "installation mode" display. When the liquid level to be pumped is lower than the upper end face of the impeller of the domestic booster pump or the shaft of the pump, the domestic booster pump shall be installed with a check valve, and the outlet end shall be connected with a tee for water diversion. When the pump is used once, it shall be filled with water and the screw plug shall be tightened.

2. The connection between the pipelines should be tight, and no looseness is allowed, especially the air leakage in the water inlet pipeline, otherwise the pump head will be reduced or the phenomenon of no water supply will occur. Do not rotate continuously for a long time before water enters into the cavity of domestic booster pump to avoid damaging the seal. In order to ensure the safety of our use, we suggest that you must use the three core safety socket with grounding wire.

Intelligent toilet how to install booster pump and booster pump installation precautions? The above content is what we should be particularly familiar with. Of course, in the process of using the toilet, we must understand some related contents of the intelligent toilet. Installing the booster pump is one of them. There are also many precautions in the process of installation, so everyone should be clear. This kind of toilet not only brings convenience, but also needs people to know more about it.

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